About Plastocon Inc.

The Best Meal Delivery Systems for Correctional Facilities Across the US

With Plastocon, you'll find products engineered to meet virtually all your correctional meal-delivery requirements, from insulated and cafeteria-style trays to cabinets, conveyors and worktables. Our selection is so comprehensive there won’t be any weak links in your meal-delivery chain.

What makes Plastocon products superior? The common denominators: Everything we offer is engineered to provide outstanding performance in the food-service industry's most hostile environment. Our goal is to deliver extraordinarily long life products backed by solid warranties and, most important, to make your job easier even if you're operating under the tightest budget constraints. But there's more to Plastocon than the solutions presented here.

Three Key Advantages of Plastocon Food Delivery Products

First, unlike conventional purveyors of food-delivery products, who divide their attention among a range of commercial and institutional industries, we focus exclusively on the needs of correctional facilities. And we've assembled a nationwide network of factory-direct representatives with extensive experience in addressing the unique challenges of this environment. Our nationwide history with correction institutions means we know better than anyone what products your facility will need.

Second, because we're not pulled in many different directions, we're able to do whatever it takes to meet your individual needs — including customizing just about any of our products to meet even the most unusual requirements, and setting up volume programs for those offering growth opportunity.

Third, our focus means we're able to provide you, your supervisors and your facility with free, on-site audits. We also offer expert advice on ways to optimize your entire department to enhance your staff's productivity and preserve the quality of meals your staff prepares. Our meal-delivery expertise means we know how to help you minimize your costs, to help you do more with less in today's fiscally challenging correctional climate.

If you've already worked with us, then you know how valuable this sort of consultative relationship can be. If you haven't, now's a great time to begin experiencing the difference our expertise can make to your operation's success. We only work with correctional facilities, so we’re always working on the next great product to improve our meal delivery systems. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Reach Plastocon Incorporated by calling (800) 966-0103 or contact our meal delivery system experts now!