Correctional Facility Mugs and Tumblers

Alternatives for Glass Drinking Receptacles

Glasses and ceramic mugs can create safety hazards in correctional facilities. Even traditional plastic cups can be broken, resulting in sharp pieces. Plastocon offers polycarbonate and polypropylene mugs and tumblers for use in correctional institutions.

Polycarbonate Tumblers

They look and feel like glass, but our tumblers are made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. The textured exterior surface reduces scratching, while the smooth interior surface assures easy cleaning. Designed with Sani-Rim lip for sanitary drinking. Lightweight and easy to carry.

These tumblers are only available in Clear, though Red is available for the 13oz size only.

ModelDescriptionSize (DxH)Case Pack
500CW 5.4oz Tumbler 2 1/4"x3 5/8" 48 each
800CW 8oz Tumbler 2 5/8"x3 7/8 48 each
950CW 9.6oz Tumbler 2 3/4"x4 3/8" 48 each
1200CW 13oz Tumbler 2 15/16"x5 3/16" 48 each

Polycarbonate Mugs

Made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, these mugs resist stains, odors and scratches. They can hold hot or cold beverages.

Available in 4 colors: Beige, Black, White & Slate Blue

ModelDescriptionSize (DxH)Case Pack
75CWB 7.5oz Mug 4 1/16"x3 3/16" 48 each
96CWB 9.6oz Mug 4 3/16"x3 3/4" 48 each

Polypropylene Mugs and TumblersMugs and Tumblers

These value-oriented mugs and tumblers are molded from impact resistant polypropylene. Durable, stain resistant and designed to last, these drink receptacles are ideal for use in correctional institutions.

  • POC319 available in Brown.
  • POC14 available in Brown, Beige & Cinnamon.
  • POC10 available in Brown.
ModelDescriptionSize (DxH)Case Pack
POC319 12oz Mug 2 15/16"x3 3/4" 60 each
POC14 10oz Mug 3 1/4"x3 1/4" 60 each
POC10 10oz Tumbler 2 1/2"x4" 240 each


Contact Plastocon at (800) 966-0103 to buy mugs and tumblers safe for prison cafeterias.