Dunnage Racks

Kitchen Organization Racks for Prisons

Prison Dunnage RackThese slotted dunnage racks conveniently and efficiently store food, liquids, and other inventory off the floor. Designed to meet the minimum height restrictions of health departments, these dunnage racks are engineered to support the excessive loads often encountered by users at correctional facilities. These units are manufactured from heavy-duty polyethylene that won’t rust or corrode. The double walls and seamless construction are incredibly strong and durable for years of continued usage.

Available in Black, Dark Brown, and Grey.

ModelDescriptionSize (LxW)
DRS30 Solid Top Rack 30" x 21"
DRS36 Solid Top Rack 36" x 21"
DRS48 Solid Top Rack 48" x 21"
DRS60 Solid Top Rack 60" x 21"
DRS300 Slotted Top Rack 30" x 21"
DRS360 Slotted Top Rack 36" x 21"
DRS480 Slotted Top Rack 48" x 21"
DRS600 Slotted Top Rack 60" x 21"
DRLNK Camlink N/A


To order dunnage racks, contact or call Plastocon at (800) 966-0103.