Kitchen Wares Security Cabinets

Protect Correctional Facilities with Security Cabinetry

Prison Knife Cabinet

Know which knives and tools are in use in your kitchen at all times with this high security cabinet. A quick glance shows you what's in and out.

Stainless steel piano hinge, 1/4" stainless steel rod with hasp and Master Pro Series pick resistant 6-pin lock assure high security. Built to keep knives and other potential weapons secure in a disturbance, back and sides are 14 gauge welded stainless steel; door is manufactured from 1/4" Lexan see-through material with stainless frame.

  • Master Pro Series Pick-Resistant 6 Pin Lock
  • 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Tool Hanger Pins


SC-3618 Kitchen Wares Security Cabinet 6" x 36" x 18"
SC-3636 Kitchen Wares Security Cabinet 6" x 36" x 36"
SC-3650 Kitchen Wares Security Cabinet 6" x 36" x 50"

Knife Leash Kit

Knife Leash for PrisonDramatically reduce problems occurring with lost, stolen, or misplaced knives in the correctional kitchen with the Knife Leash Kit. The security fastener easily connects to a removable attached leash, which then locks to the table.

  • Attaches knives, dishers, peelers, and much more
  • Coated 5 foot leash and numbered security fastener
  • 760 lbs. of tensile strength
  • Security fasteners also sold separately to secure all knives/utensils in the kitchen
To order kitchen security cabinetry, contact or call Plastocon at (800) 966-0103.